Tip o’ the day: YouTube and SEO

The easiest way to get eyes on your YouTube videos? Transcribe content into the video description verbatim.

When you transcribe these videos, you earn search traffic to your YouTube channel by making it easy for search engines to “read” your content. Plus, with the new annotation tools and custom backgrounds, you can showcase your brand while the videos are are viewed.

Now remember, one video will not drive millions of hits to your YouTube channel or to your website. Create a series of quick 30- 45 second videos on a certain topic then create a playlist of those videos with a keyword relevant title.

Feel free to post your questions or comments below. I’m looking forward to your input and ideas.

Not a sermon, just a soapbox.

3 thoughts on “Tip o’ the day: YouTube and SEO

  1. Katrina,
    This is GREAT! You’re now sharing the things you keep in your head with others who need and want to know! I am so happy you’ve taken the leap! Hey a subtle push never hurts.

    Thanks for the amazing conversation and I look forward to checking in here regularly!

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