Social Media Managers Should….

What should a social media manager do exactly? This is just my (very brief) opinion. I know it can be different based on company culture and goals.

  1. Create Content: A lot of content. That could be YouTube videos, blog posts, albums of pictures on Flickr but it has to be there and it has to be key word optimized aka videos are transcribed, pictures have accurate and precise descriptions, etc
  2. Know A Little SEO:  Creating content is great. Knowing how to keyword optimize it so that when people search “Your Company Name on Facebook” they actually find you. I’ll probably conjure up a post on this at some point.
  3. Geek-Out: The best social media manager is someone who gets nerdily (I doubt that’s a word but go with it) excited about new technology or applications. Even if they don’t see an exact translation to your industry, they want to investigate.
  4. Think Strategy: Working in social media isn’t just about scheduling tweets or Facebook posts- it’s about constant testing. The right candidate schedules content at all different times of the day, measures RT’s and interactions, tests different language, … ok I could really go on about the elements of the test for days. The point? Just because no one has come up with the perfect model for measuring social media doesn’t mean a strategic plan is unnecessary.
  5. Can’t Get No Satisfaction: A social media manager should never be satisfied with “good enough”. I also think they should be of the mindset that doing the same things is NOT going to get you the same results. Social media professionals can’t be satisfied with good enough because social media critics surely aren’t. They’re looking for remarkable. They’re looking for innovation. Give it to them (and keep a note pad and pen next to your bed at night. My best ideas have hit me mid dream).
  6. Sense of Humor: This is a general requirement for me regardless of the person but a social media representative should have a real life personality. Having a conversation online without being able to support it offline is a waste. Those conference drinking buddies pay off.
  7. Listen: Monitor, monitor and monitor some more. Then interpret and act. Knowing what the customer wants is critical to developing effective programs. And you’re lucky because you don’t have to commission some massive survey- you get to do a keyword search twice a day and respond to questions.

What else would you add?

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Katrina Kibben is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Three Ears Media. For most of Katrina’s career, she has been a marketer living in a recruiter’s world – listening to both sides of the talent equation to understand the real issues and find solutions for engaging and hiring better people. Today, she uses her technical marketing know-how and way with words to help both established and emerging brands develop and deliver content that fuels smart recruitment marketing that makes the right people apply.

Katrina has written for,, RecruitingDaily and many other digital publications. She is a recognized leader in recruiting and employer branding who speaks regularly at conferences around the world.

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