Twitter Ratio. Wait, What Is That?

Looking for a quick and easy way to increase followers and start conversations? Try a 3:1 Twitter ratio.

  • 3 RT’s of content relevant to your company that you did not author
  • 1 Tweet of your own content.

This can help accomplish a few goals really easily.

  1. Get people’s attention so they¬† know your company or account exists
  2. Tell people what your company is about
  3. Learn more about hot topics in your industry
  4. Know about industry events
  5. Develop relationships with industry leaders

You’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to find content to retweet. Some of the ways I like to find content:

  • Set up queries for relevant search terms (and company keywords, of course). Don’t limit your search to hashtags either- not everyone uses hashtags.
  • Subscribe to Twitter lists that are relevant to your industry.
  • Set up a Google reader and subscribe to the blogs you read most often.
  • Take the title of the blog posts you’re tweeting and search for it at There, you’ll find other people who are tweeting the same content and you can RT it from them. Remember, you’re trying to let people know you exist. RT and get noticed! For example, I subscribe to Social Media Examiner and I just read “Engage or Die: The Future of Social Media?” I will search the title at Then, I RT other people who have tweeted the article rather than tweeting it myself.

A little math and social media marketing for your Monday.

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