YouTube Hall Of Fame: Interactive YouTube Video

I love great ideas and this. Well this is a fantastic idea.
It’s a YouTube video that allows the user to rewrite the ending to their experience. Yes. I said pick your own ending YouTube video.
The video came from the tippexperience’s YouTube channel. It starts with the title “A hunter shoots a bear.” 5 seconds in, the hunter stops and says “I don’t want to shoot a bear!” and takes the Tipp-Ex white-out from the ad next to the video so he can white-out the word “shoots” from the title.
Then, and this is the genius part, you can put any word you want into the white-out space. No, I don’t mean a drop down box. Type anything you want.
Go ahead and try it. It’s the best interactive product placement I have ever seen.
Wondering what genius thought this up? Creative Orchestra in the UK.  Here’s more on the video and the agency.
Recently, we’ve seen some strides in interactive YouTube videos with the Old Spice YouTube channel but who/what else would you put in the YouTube Hall Of Fame?