Down, Set, Hike: My Dream Job in the NFL

I want to be made into the NFL’s social media manager.

OK, I’ll admit that’s a bad MTV reference but watching the playoffs on Twitter and how @NFL is operating- I want to be their social media ninja.  I’ve worked (and am working) in social media for some really amazing companies but it would be my dream come true to work for the NFL.

As I was thinking about this job, I took a look at their website and social media accounts. My evaluation is that they’re doing something, but not enough, to capitalize on the volume of NFL discussions on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans are creating content and tweeting during every game. Looking at the NFL Tiwtter page, you’d never know. The fans participating via social media have no place on and in their social media presence.

All things considered, I think it’s time for a change @NFL and here are the first 5 things I would do.

  1. Twitter: Holy hashtag opportunity! Why don’t they have their social media buttons and #NFL on the homepage? Super fans could get a live feed of the game when they aren’t home to watch while fans who are watching live would  know what to tweet and how to engage with other super fans.
  2. Twitter again: Give the power to the people and RT the fans! I mean, the NFL gets millions of fans purely because of the brand recognition but I’m confident they could double their fans by actually interacting with them.
  3. YouTube: The NFL should run a YouTube campaign where football super fans can make their own Super Bowl commercial. Surprise the fan by featuring the commercial during the Super Bowl. I recommend this because, well, if I see the Saints commercial from last year one more time…
  4. Facebook: They’re not doing a bad job here, at least with promoting the NFL store via Facebook ads, but why not create more interactive content?  This could range from tabs where fans can get live updates to something as simple as polls.
  5. Flickr: Use Flickr to catch behind the scenes images at the games and increase ticket sales. A social media representative (or people) for the NFL should be at every game to take pictures of the crazy fans, the reactions to plays, the players, etc.

That’s just my first 5 things. I have more ideas for widgets, polls, blogs, press conferences etc.

So hey- NFL HR department. Call me.

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  1. I like your dream job. Your first mission: Convince the NFL fans that an 18 game schedule is great, will there will be a lockout next year, and when could my beloved Redskins win the Super Bowl.

    I would start in 2012.

  2. Completely agree! Cool job. I bet someone is working on it – find out who! Go for it :)
    Every Sunday I spot the young woman in charge of #NFLONFOX sitting behind Terry Bradshaw and think how cool her gig is…. Already missing football season and we’ve only just finished wildcard weekend.

    Figuring out how to work with the teams, the networks and sponsors is key. For example, I follow @realpatriots – the official twitter feed for fans, that’s where my first loyalty is. If I was a fantasy football person, I might be following an NFLFantasy twitter feed, but they don’t seem to have that here.

    inspirational! wonder who is on this in Foxboro :) talk about a career that follows a passion!

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