Content Popularity With Topsy

I was thinking I should start to blog about things I like and other topics I can write, edit and post. When I write too much, I find myself going on tangents and then no good writing happens.

This week, I was doing a competitive analysis and found Topsy.

Why do I like it? In short:

  • It tells you what content is most popular based on what’s being shared (tweeted, facebooked etc) across the social web.
  • While writing a content strategy, we typically turn to popular SEO and SEM keywords. It seems like a good strategy but the reality is that clicks on ads aren’t the same things that motivate people to click on your content.
  • The headlines on the homepage give you a peek into the most popular content of the day. Content created based on hot topics get people to pay attention and could make for a great PR opportunity. Example, all the blogs about Tiger mom.

2 questions for anyone reading this:

  1. Have you used Topsy before?
  2. How do you decide what topics to write about?