Fun Fact: Twitter’s Gone Hollywood

90 million tweets are sent every day. 70% of them are about TV.


You get 168 hours a week to save the world, breathe, all that fun stuff. If you’re in work for 45 hours a week (lets face it, the 40 hour work week is a fantasy) and the average person watches around 25 hours of TV a week, that leaves 98 hours for you to eat, sleep and do all those other things you should be doing to take care of yourself. What are you going to tweet about? TV, of course.

Tweeting about TV probably contributes to the whole “people only tweet about what they’re eating for breakfast and I don’t care” theory but I disagree. So why should you tweet about TV you ask?

It gets you in touch with other fans to make more connections. It’s the same reason I try to participate in at least one Twitter chat every week. I want to be part of the conversation (retweeting at least twice as much as I tweet) and it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Twitter is about making connections after all.

So, TV twitterers. What was the last show you tweeted about? For me, it was the Superbowl (game and commercials).

One thought on “Fun Fact: Twitter’s Gone Hollywood

  1. Last show I Tweeted about was actually a movie, The Eagle. It was an awful movie, and I tweeted about it. Just recently. Funny how we’re all so similar in how we think and process life. Superbowl a bit too.

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