What Makes A Great Tweetup?

Throwing a great tweetup isn’t as easy as throwing a great party (where free alcohol= good time). Ok, maybe it is.

Regardless of the alcohol availability, here are a few ideas to throw a great tweetup.

  • Partnering with a conference to get on the official schedule
  • Hosting at a bar — offer 2 free drink tickets with registration at the door and free appetizers. Get e-mail address and twitter accounts here
  • Have it at a bar near or in the hotel where everyone is staying
  • iPad’s or some other technology on hand where people can sign up for your service
  • Use a hashtag that you promote via blog post and Twitter prior to the event
  • Post the hashtag on posters at the event
  • Wifi (I’ve been to a tweetup with no wifi — can you say disaster?)
  • Nametags — encourage people to write name AND twitter username
  • Use a tool like Eventbrite for online registration
  • No presentations- people come to mingle, not listen to another speaker
  • Communicate! — Big details like theme down to small details and reminders like bringing business cards, etc

What’s the best tweetup you’ve attended? What made it great?

3 thoughts on “What Makes A Great Tweetup?

  1. Can I add – do your advertising through social media – minimize advertising through the conference. A recent tweetup that I attended was advertised heavily through the conference – including he iPad give away. Immediately after the drawing, the room emptied except for the serious social media attendees. Everyone else came for the free drinks and the drawing but had little interest in the tweetup itself.

    1. Interesting and a great point. Who/how you advertise has a huge influence in the audience that attends.

      One of my former coworkers brought up a similar point- call it a networking event rather than a Tweetup to get a different crowd.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great post, Katrina!
    Can I also add- take pictures and put them online. Remember to advertise that they are posted after the TweetUp using the same hashtag- it keeps the convo going after the event is over and everyone loves photos!

    You and I probably know wayyy too much about this! :-)

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