Judgement Day

When I write, there’s no inflection to make sure I’m coming across as funny.
There’s no opportunity to read your eyes and make sure you get the joke.
There’s no moment for me to clarify if I offend you.

I think that means I’m blogging.
I think that means I have to leave the judgment I put on myself at the metaphorical door.
I think that means I have to keep writing.

Considering I’m a social media manager by day, I have done a really shitty job of writing here because I’ve been scared of how it would reflect on my career or if I would say the wrong thing. Then I find myself reading an obscene amount of blogs every day and it finally clicked — what I really love about them is the honesty. The really ugly moments that mean more than any analysis on Facebook metrics could. The run-on sentences that capture a moment and you feel for them. You feel like you know them. That space is not safe but it’s exposed. And it’s what real blogging should be. It’s what I want this blog to be about.

I think that means I have to keep writing. Stay tuned and kick my ass if I don’t.

I do not like to write – I like to have written. Gloria Steinem