3 Ways to Make Your Blog Better

So clearly I have no room to talk because this blog is currently pretty lame but.. it’s time to get on it. I learned so much last week at the Hubspot #Inbound13 Conference that I’m feeling inspired.

We’re getting back to basics now. How do you make your blog better?

3 Ways to Make Your Blog Better:

  1. Write Often: I break this rule because I never set the right goals. Set a realistic goal and stick to it and always remember, writing every night is a lot of work! All my respect to the people who write daily but I’m just not that person. I think for the average person writing at least 1x a week is a good goal to start if your goals are oriented around becoming a better writer. If you want organic traffic, I’d suggest 2-3x per week of solid, question-answering content.
  2. Answer 1 Question: I can’t stand a blog post that’s 1000 words long. I came here for 1 answer to 1 question. Get to it already! Those bold lines don’t make a difference either.
  3. Be Original: Please stop writing blog posts about why small businesses should use social media. We get it. We got that 3 years ago. Talk about how you’re solving a unique problem. Answer people’s questions.


What’s your back to basics tip for blogging?