Oversharing: Not A Social Media Strategy

Guys. I have to vent.

I have a feeling this is going to piss some people off but I have to.

Let’s get clear about one thing: Oversharing is not a social media strategy.

Telling me what you’re craving or about the hotel you just booked does not make you more approachable to me. I don’t feel like I know you better. I think it makes you annoying, at least to me.

I’m tired of the constant barrage of irrelevant, cocky, “I’m so great” stuff. You aren’t helping anyone. Why don’t you use that “voice” – one I’m convinced may be just in your head – to do something to better whoever you’re trying to build relationships with, not shit out posts all day every day.

Write your great ideas down and sell them in an eBook if you’re convinced they’re that great but stop pestering people.

Generically, if you’re just an overshare-er that genuinely likes to involve people in your every day life, whatever. You be you, you talkative sonofabitch. But if you’re intending to “brand yourself” as authentic and transparent by talking about every single thing, asking every question that pops into your mind, it isn’t working.

There’s no real point to this post and I’m not going to try and spin this as some advice article because I don’t want to distract from my thesis.

Oversharing is not a social media strategy. 

That is all.

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