Trying New Things

Fun fact. I was the last person to join Facebook in college. Recently, I joined Snapchat only because I was told to so many times that I finally broke down.

I don’t like the shiny new social media sites.

Yeah, I’m that person. I’m the one who doesn’t mind doing things the old way. The old lady who says “what IS that” while the kids giggle at me.

That makes me more than a little bit of a hypocrite in the recruiting scene. I’m always looking for the next new thing… but just to write about. I’m not into creating social media channels – for myself or the brands I manage – just because.

I don’t like to waste my time doing something that doesn’t have an impact. I don’t like to do marketing and teach platform specific recruitment marketing about channels that are too new to know if they’re scalable. I don’t like spending energy where there’s not a big enough market to make an impact. Let’s face it, uncharted territory isn’t exactly the place where you can find templates and proof of concept and I need those things.

Plus, it drives me nuts when people try to build an entire business case around a really tiny bit of evidence. Test it 3 times, then call me to talk about a case study. I guess there are a few questions that I want answered before I am willing to invest my time or recommend a platform to someone else.

A few social checkpoints, if you will.

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up For A New Social Network:

  1. What’s the demographic? Is my audience even on here? Tech recruiters don’t need Pinterest accounts, period.
  2. What kind of traffic does this site get? Is it on the rise or starting to decrease?
  3. What are the social media news sites saying about this network? Are they saying anything? (If not, adoption is unlikely.)

If it passes those check points, it *might* be worth your time. I mean, we’re all guessing when it comes to new things any way.

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