Where Home Is

I’m getting back on the road this week, something I’m used to for work. I’ve been on the road off and on since 2008 now. I’ve always gone as called – packing my bags at the last minute to make a flight that afternoon. I get it. It’s easy.

At least it was until I realized that for the first time in my life, I’d be missed. That the sound of my voice might make a house feel like a home. Realizing my pup would be sitting just outside the garage door waiting for me to come home.

It hit me all at once as my ever-growing dog sat in front of my bright blue carry-on and gray backpack with this curious look on her face, wondering where I was going. I knew being away for a week that I’d miss my home but in that moment, the feeling was more powerful than I expected.

My family. My home. I miss it.

I say all that to prompt my excuse for the week. You weren’t expecting that, huh.

I might miss a post or two this week. See, I’m getting on a party bus and traveling across Texas to connect some really smart HR and recruiting folks with some kick ass sponsors. It’s awesome and I’m learning a hell of a lot. I’m sure you’ll see all of it here eventually.

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