The Worst Job F*ck Up Ever

If you’re having a terribly Monday and the boss is giving you hell, let me provide some  perspective on messing up at work. As someone who feels embarrassed because a comma is out of place or there’s a typo on my page – I get it. It’s hard not to take things personally and feel like a royal failure all your own.

But we’re lucky. The majority of people who will ever read this article know that we’re not saving lives. Metaphorically, perhaps, but not in reality like a surgeon or emergency professional does every day. We’re lucky that our bad decisions don’t leave marks in history, not just marks on the mental record.

So many times we can blame bureaucracy, blame time, blame a litany of things that really don’t mean much but this guy…

30 years later, he’s still blaming himself for the Challenger exploding. 

Now, I share this story because really – it gives me perspective. I’m really hard on myself. I try to get it right every time and inevitably, I mess things up. I balance so many things that I’m convinced getting it all right would put me in some kind of hall of fame. There’s a lyric that goes something like “don’t drop a dime to pick up a nickel” and that’s the approach we take when we decide to harp on the bad and not try to implement change.

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