Ideas From The Cage

There are some downfalls to working from home. After working from my home for about two months now without a work trip to interrupt the monotony of my terrible commute*, I actually miss the road. I don’t miss hotel beds, airports wearing pants regularly or awkward happy hours. I hate that shit.  I miss the ideas that come out of the conversations.

Constantly writing and trying to come up with a new idea for a post or conversation topic is starting to feel like trying to generate ideas from a cage. Bouncing a ball against a wall to think of something that’s more exciting than candidate experience or regurgitating stats about mobile recruiting.

Talking to people on the phone isn’t the same as pulling yourself out of your four walls for days at a time, forced to listen and share while reacting to big ideas.  The stimulus of articles or tweets doesn’t stick with me.

But I’m so lucky. I get to go to events, usually, once a month – speaking and writing about all of it. What happens to the caged animals – in house HR, recruiters, sourcers? The people that spend 90% of your time in the office except for that one week in Vegas every fall we bloggers call Hell Week and you call HR Tech. How are you supposed to be motivated and empowered to make change without time that’s dedicated to building a community of feedback and listening?

Hell, I’m just trying to write up some theories – you’re living the context. And a generalized approach is good but seeing it in your company and knowing how to implement it takes conversations with smart people.

It’s time we get out of the cage to think more often.

*Note sarcasm

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