Work Therapy With @LRuettimann

Conversations can be really therapeutic, even when you’re not paying $200 an hour for someone to ask pointed questions about why you really feel that way. I’m a big believer in therapy regardless of the price point. It helps you get the 10,000 foot view in a trusted space – on your past and your present. In recent years, my therapy has really focused on relationships – both with my family and the one I have with work. We’ll talk about these one-off frustrations and tie them back into the bigger picture. Learn how to resolve conflict and the why behind my reactions.

But this conversation with Laurie Ruettimann was different. Most of them are, which is exactly why I love talking to her whenever I have the chance. The Let’s Fix Work podcast doesn’t dial into the micro-events and aggressions of work but the big picture. The ultimate idea is about the “fix” after all. What’s so fascinating to me after listening in on the past episodes is how everyone has a different approach. A different story of falling down, changing and growth.

It’s like group work therapy.

This conversation was especially therapeutic for me as I thought back on why typical jobs haven’t worked for me in the past, on why people stay in jobs when they know it’s hurting them and the “rules” of work that I hate. Here’s a soundbite.

You can also listen to the whole episode here.

I know she can’t see this (yet) post surgery but thank you for the chance to have a little work therapy for the good of all work, Laurie.