Funny Out Of Office Messages For Recruiters

I am not into the holiday-themed, 12 days of (fill in specialty), Jingle Ball stuff.

#1 I’m just not that into the holidays in the first place. Theme-parties are enough to regularly endure.

#2 Let’s get real. Most vendors don’t send interesting content all year. I highly doubt that if I commit to a set number of constant emails, they’re going to suddenly bring out the big guns and impress us.


So, here at Three Ears Media, we’ve decided to take a more fun approach to the holiday season. Thanks to my friend Lex Gingerella for her help writing these. (PS she’s available for hire…)

We’ve created these funny out of office messages recruiters can use to make your customers and candidates laugh this holiday season.

Let’s get real – you don’t really want to study right now, you want to sleep off that Christmas party.

Out of Office #1: I love food and I’m not here.

If you’re reading this then I am out of the office on a holiday break.

What can I say? My love for ham outweighs my work ethic this time of year.

Out of Office #2: The sneaky suggestion you should probably just work for us.

If you’re reading this Out of Office reply, do you know no one is actually working right now? Tell your boss it’s time to go home!

If he says no, call him Scrooge and apply to one of our jobs.

We won’t make you work during the holidays.

Out of Office #3: There’s no wifi soooo….

Thanks for your email. I have retreated to an undisclosed location with my family.

I will sporadically reply to your email prioritized based on whether or not I like you and/or your title, the urgency to projects I am responsible for, and the number of times I am able to walk the quarter of a mile to where there is a semi-reliable, satellite-serviced Internet connection.

Out of Office #4: I’d rather be at work but here we are.

Thank you for your email! I’ll be out of the office for the holiday break, spending time with my family back home in [city].

Know that I would probably rather be responding to your email; instead, I’ll be reliving my childhood “character building” experiences of [this is where you add a one-liner about chores or projects your Mom always makes you do]

If you can’t wait for my return, at least feel sorry for me.

I’ll get back to your email on the [DATE]

No matter where you are, what you celebrate or who you are this holiday season – we hope it’s a good one.

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