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New post alert! This week and every Thursday starting today, expect to see new videos from posted on the Three Ears Media YouTube Channel and here on the blog. More on that below.


It scares me to think that “YouTube superstar” is now a profession, and one a lot of people really want. I mean, I get it. Who doesn’t want to be a real-life ninja that gets to play Fortnite all day and call it hard work?

These YouTube superstars film themselves trying on makeup, gossiping, pretty much anything they find fun. As they rack up the fan club, they rack up the dollars with sponsors who sell related products or consumer goods.

While I’m not really into half the topics they sell, I love YouTube for being the place where everyday people can make a million friends by just doing their own thing. Instead of the Hollywood lifestyle, we’re glorifying real life and practical advice.

Even if it’s just a stoner doing a how-to about rolling a joint.

Real Advice: Three Ears Media on YouTube

Confession: I love YouTube. I love that you can go down a total rat hole without ever having to sit there and scan a screen like we do on streaming apps. I enjoy the glimpses into people’s lives – whether it’s my friend from spin class or a drag queen from Tulsa.

I also love a good blooper. That’s why I’m starting a Three Ears Media YouTube channel.

I think better recruiting is ultimately created by progress, not overhauls. So that’s what all of these videos are about. The baby steps and specific, actionable advice you can use to make incremental improvements to the status quo.

With a side of humor, of course.

I’d really appreciate if you shared, subscribed and maybe even watched a few videos while you’re on YouTube. Let me know what you think.