The Free Job Rewrite is Back (Kinda)

A little context if you’re thinking, “what do you mean ‘back’?” I used to offer a free job rewrite and due to demand, we can’t anymore. What we can do… well, you’ll just have to keep reading to get your free ticket.

I remember the last time I was unemployed. I was “let go” from my role just 3 days before I closed on a new house. I remember the panic. The fear. The anger. I wasn’t prepared.

The crazy part is that I really hated that job. I was starting to look, but I was so worried about being a job hopper and getting bad references that I put the search on hold. Now, my procrastination had created a big problem for me. I was unemployed, and I had to write a massive check in the next 72 hours.

So there was no break. No, “I’ll take a little downtime and go back to work.” It was go-time. I needed a job, and I needed it now. I made some phone calls, searched, and applied.

At best, the job postings I found on my hunt were clear. At worst, they were a jargon-filled black hole of automated emails. Most of the job postings, I could recite from memory. You know the ones: “We are a Fortune 500 company that’s looking for go-getters that will propel our company to new levels.”

I felt so hopeless. Vulnerable. Alone. Scared. A million other things.

I don’t think I will ever forget that feeling.

But there’s another feeling I have now, 3 jobs and a company later.


I’m mad that we accept the status quo knowing that on the other side of every job post, there’s a vulnerable person who deserves better.

I’m mad enough to do something about it. That’s where the free job post workshop comes in.

I know that if we learn the techniques and philosophy behind writing better job postings, that we can do better. So while I don’t have the bandwidth to offer free one-on-one job rewrites, I am working with Dawn to start offering 2 live clinics where you can learn exactly how to write a better job posting.

Our 2-part course is built on understanding the person on the other side and your company, then translating that feeling into job post content that connects with candidates.

My class is about the fundamentals: how do you pick your job title, write better job post content and create better bullets. Together, we’ll write a new job post live. You can sign up here. 

In our Crash Course In Culture: Creating Mission & Values To Improve Job Postings, my friend Dawn Burke will show you how to translate that feeling of a great place to work into your job postings with a memorable mission and value statement.

Both free.

No, really.

Don’t believe me? Just sign up at the link below to pick your date.


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Kat Kibben [they/them] is a keynote speaker, writing expert, and LGBTQIA+ advocate who teaches hiring teams how to write inclusive job postings that will get the right person to apply faster.

Before founding Three Ears Media, Katrina was a CMO, Technical Copywriter, and Managing Editor for leading companies like Monster,, and Randstad Worldwide. With 15+ years of recruitment marketing and training experience, Katrina knows how to turn talented recruiting teams into talented writers who write for people, not about work.

Today, Katrina is frequently featured as an HR and recruiting expert in publications like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Forbes. They’ve been named to numerous lists, including LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Job Search & Careers. When not speaking, writing, or training, you’ll find Katrina traveling the country in their van or spending some much needed downtime with the dogs that inspired the name Three Ears Media.

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  1. I find it so strange (and more than a bit sad) that you are obviously trying to promote transparency, honesty plus other ‘high character’ traits and, as a result, you will look very unique.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

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