What Is A Recruiting Voice?

In short, it’s how you can transform a candidate experience without “ripping out” any of your technology.

If you’ve ever worked at a big company, you’ve seen brand guidelines. Books of hex values, voice, and codes for how things get done and the look. They create consistency and make the experience for buyers excellent.

That should exist for recruiting.

Because the mission, vision, and employer brand content you create shouldn’t just be graffiti for your walls.¬†

Recruiting voice helps you translate stories into a recruiting strategy by creating guidelines for how your team should treat and speak with candidates.

But it’s not some copy and paste document. It’s built with your stories and the context of the real experience to translate standards into something that sounds like you. This is all about personalization, not templatization.

Pretty sure those templates got us into a lot of the trouble we’re already in.

Intrigued? Watch this week’s video.