Personalization For Recruiting Beyond [First Name Here]

Normally, the “Recommended For You” section from Amazon is creepily on point. It’s like they know you’re going to need those Bluetooth headphones and a new fireplace.

I know, I know. They do know. I don’t want to admit how many things I’ve purchased from those mysteriously accurate recommendations.

But what I find really fascinating is how people react when the recommendations are clearly off the mark. You’re thinking, “oh hell no that is not recommended for me.” We get so offended as if it’s a judgment on our character.

All because of an algorithm.

Personalization for recruiting only works when it’s exactly that: personal.

In recruiting, we aren’t getting anywhere near a decent tech comparison to “Recommended For You.” In fact, most of our personalization isn’t personal at all. We just slap someone’s name in a subject line.

Which is lame. We all know that trick, buddy.

So in this week’s videos, I’m sharing 3 personalization tactics you may not have tried before. I’ll share:

  • Tips for making a totally different job video
  • How pathing can make things really personal
  • What you can do after the offer to make sure your new hires know how much they matter