Mastering Organic Search Drives Better Recruiting Results

It drives me nuts when I can’t remember the name of the thing that does that thing. You know what I mean. You can’t remember the name of the product, but you know what it does. So, you pace your kitchen while Googling random 2 to 3-word descriptions of what the product does for you.

Things get a little hairy from there. For the more well-known brands, you usually land on the right company in a click or two. For the companies who haven’t paid $12.50 a click to show up first, they’re buried 12 links deep where most people will never find them.

I definitely won’t. I’m not patient enough for all that.

My point? If a candidate can’t find your job by searching the job title, you can’t get applicants.

Organic Search to Drive Better Recruiting Results

In this video, I want to have a reality check on search. I want all of us to take a big step back and realize search is where it all begins. Every month, 300 million people go to Google first for a job search.

So watch this video because, in less than 2 minutes, I’ll explain why SEO matters so much and offer a few free tools to identify what keywords you want to use. If you’re intrigued, consider getting a seat in our July SEO 101 course.