Better Recruiting Emails and Candidate Reading Maps

Nerd alert. When I have free time, I read about how people learn. I know that sounds weird but, considering what I do, it works to my advantage.

I want to learn how style in writing can influence our ideas. How our eyes naturally process an image or text is critical to our ability to understand it. Something as simple as emphasizing the wrong word can throw off the message entirely. I love the nuance of it all — the art of it.

I especially love applying it to recruiting emails.

I’ve been studying how you can style your emails to keep attention. This 1-minute clip on the candidate reading map, or the F Map*, will give you everything I’ve learned.

*I said F Map, not F you. But since you’re here, I should let you in on a little secret. I’m hosting a not-so-secret class about how to write better outreach, automated, and text messages on September 4th. Click here to hang out with me and talk writing.