Talking Trash On The Hustle

I don’t slow down. When I started Three Ears Media, the first thing pretty much every person who knows me said was, “don’t burn out.” In fairness, it was good advice. I tend to pour myself into everything I do.

As a new entrepreneur, the potential for the crash is that much bigger. Life is over-complicated by the fact that you’ve made one enormous bet on work. The exhaustion and worry that comes with it starts to feel like a side effect we have to endure.

Work harder. Try harder. Give until you can’t. Hustle. 

The part I kept forgetting was that I have to refill. Not taking that time has led to many regrets, blowups and shame spirals I didn’t need to have. Spending too much time at work has contributed to so many lost relationships and moments I can’t get back. 

Almost two years down this road, I have to say that my biggest lesson is about pace.

Screw the hustle. I am slowing down.

Here’s what I’d tell you hustlers: get some rest. Time will not quantify your success. It’s an element in the formula, but here’s the catch: there’s no rule. Success doesn’t only happen at 4 am or pm. It is fluid like that. That means you can also be fluid in your definition. 

So while everyone else is hustling? Rest. Discover the best ideas and let those win instead of looking for likes and letting the concept of “more” steal your joy. 

This post was inspired by a podcast I enjoyed and want to pass along to all of you. It features two brilliant women who have learned how much the hustle hates all of us, too. They’ll tell you the whole story. You can listen here. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Laurie and Mary Ellen.