Job Post Bullets: I Give Up. Here’s How To Write Them.

I’m giving up on my war against job post bullets. *hangs head in shame*

You’ve always done it that way, and I get it. 

But those job post bullets people use today aren’t working. A list of skills is just that, a list. Knowing how to use something technically isn’t the same as proficiency or expertise. 

So why do we keep writing things that say 3+ years of experience or “experience with Java?” 

Mutual experiences are what we’re trying to illuminate when we go out to look for a candidate. We want to make sure they’ve been there, done that, and we’d trust them to do it for us all over again. That’s a big ask. One that requires writing something that leaves people nodding. 

I’m going to hold a live learning session to teach you how to do precisely that. This session is for anyone who write job posts and talk to candidates. If you want to write better job post bullets, be there.

Why You Should Show Up: 

  • Real talk. If a candidate only reads one part of your job post, it’s probably the bullets 
  • Learn my rules for writing better job post bullets
  • See a lot of examples showcasing commonly used bullets  
  • You’ll write, submit, and get live coaching from an expert for free. You can’t get that in an on-demand replay. 

Oh, so I’m not recording it. That’s why I wanted to let you know as soon as possible. I hope you can hold the time and join us. You can register here:

There are only 100 seats available. I’m not creating faux urgency here. I’m not upgrading Zoom for a one-time, one-of-a-kind webinar. I’m cheap like that.  

So sign up if you can show up. See you there? 


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Katrina Kibben is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Three Ears Media. For most of Katrina’s career, she has been a marketer living in a recruiter’s world – listening to both sides of the talent equation to understand the real issues and find solutions for engaging and hiring better people. Today, she uses her technical marketing know-how and way with words to help both established and emerging brands develop and deliver content that fuels smart recruitment marketing that makes the right people apply.

Katrina has written for,, RecruitingDaily and many other digital publications. She is a recognized leader in recruiting and employer branding who speaks regularly at conferences around the world.

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