Convincing People To Share Employer Brand Content

One of the first significant social media events I ever did was an online job fair on Twitter in 2009 for The concept was simple. People would tell me the job title they wanted and their location. Then, I would use a tailored search on to show them different search methods.

I promoted this thing in every way I knew how. We even printed business cards with the date, the URL, and the monster whose original name I shall not mention here. (It rhymes with rump.) 

I didn’t plan well and was actually on the road for the big event. I didn’t have time to get through security, so I sat down on the floor in the crowded baggage claim. I remember logging into Twitter and thinking, “I don’t think that many people will join.”  

Thousands of people tweeted all at once. I panicked. It was pure chaos for an hour. 

I learned a valuable lesson that day: always have a backup. 

If you’re wondering – yes, I missed my flight.   

asking employees to share employer brand Content doesn’t work like that. 

Social was different in 2009 than it is today. It was a neat little world where we were “in the know.” People wanted to share every little thing before we were all shamed into socially acceptable social media behavior. People still had hope. Our President didn’t tweet. 

Today, it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone to share employer brand posts. But I don’t think it has to be that hard. 

If you’re an employer brand manager that’s trying to get employees to retweet and like EB posts, watch this video. You’ll learn a straightforward tactic for segmenting and specializing messages that will get your team to share employer brand content on social media.  

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