How-To: Find Out Who’s Hiring Now

Last week, seven times more people lost their jobs than any week in 2008. [Stat] Freelancers and contractors are looking for new projects. It’s frustrating. These are uncertain and scary times. It’s hard not to assume people aren’t hiring.

I know, I kept telling myself the same thing. “No one is hiring right now. It’s too chaotic.”

That’s just not true. I’m talking to a lot of hiring leaders who are recruiting but feel timid blasting social media to shout, “yeah we’re hiring!” I get it. We need to communicate like humans at all times right now and that feels a little insensitive.

So how are these companies announcing that they are still hiring? They’re posting on job boards.

So I went looking for a way to find out who’s hiring now. With this search, I was able to quickly and easily see job postings shared this week. Here’s how you can use this information:

  • For candidates: You can use this job search tactic on any job posting website to see what jobs have been posted recently. At a glance, you can also see what industries are still hiring.
  • For contractors and freelancers: Try contacting these companies to see if there are interim and one-off projects you could tackle while they continue the hiring process. Layoffs don’t kill projects, they kill timelines. You could help these businesses stay alive with your services.

If you see any other tactics that are helping people find new jobs or prep for their search, add them as a comment below.

Please share this. More than 3 million people lost their jobs last week and countless contracts. This could help.

Job search how-to video: Who’s Hiring Now

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