Job Requirements Aren’t Real: Writing Better Bullets

A few weeks ago, I posted a question on my social media accounts, asking what you wanted to learn from me. Job requirements won by a landslide.

So, I created it—a three-part video series all about writing better bullets. 

Job requirements are the one area in a job posting where teams struggle the most. How do you break the mold? What do you say when you’re writing a highly technical job posting? 

In this first episode, I want to tell you a story to help you remember why writing betters bullets matters so much.

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At my very first job post writing training, I dared to ask the question no one will. “Why do you do this?”

“Why are you using years of experience if you don’t even know what it means?” I said. I distinctly remember the words and the immediate “oh shit” moment. 

What happened next? Well, you need to watch it. 

Because if you live in a world where you’re following a ton of rules that don’t apply and you’re continuing to regurgitate job postings the way they’ve always been done – this series is for you.

And I hope you’ll subscribe and stay tuned for the rest of this week to watch the next two videos where I’ll talk you through where these bullets go wrong and exactly how you can get it right for highly technical roles.