Mobile Recruiting Must-Haves: Q&A For Candidate Experience

Making the move to mobile, of course, takes more than the right tech and processes; it takes the right people with the right mindsets to build a mobile recruiting experience designed that’s centered around the candidate and focused on lead generation and conversion instead of the data dump that most ATS systems generally require to simply be considered for a posted job. ”

Passive” candidates don’t have time for that shit, which is why you’ve got to put the time into getting mobile right, right now.

So where do you begin?

Here’s a look at some of the things every employer should consider when considering mobile recruiting, from sweating the small stuff like requiring candidates to provide mobile contact information and SMS opt-ins on their initial applications to bigger picture and process improvements like implementing e-signature capabilities for on-boarding and new hire paperwork.

Here are some things you should be thinking about when thinking about mobile recruiting.

  • Can candidates express interest in an opportunity or apply for a job with a mobile device?

  • Are your application forms optimized for a mobile device?

  • Does your HR or recruiting technology have text campaign or SMS capabilities?

  • Can candidates easily check the status of their applications on a mobile device?

  • Are your online employer branding and recruitment advertising campaigns mobile optimized?

  • Are your confirmation e-mails or other automated, post-application communications accessible and readable on mobile devices?

  • Are candidates given the option to receive information or follow up communications via SMS or MMS in addition to e-mail?

  • Does your organization have e-signature capabilities for recruiting, onboarding and new hire documents?

  • What does your careers site and job ads look like on mobile?

  • How does SEO/SEM and on-site search function on mobile devices? How do these results differ from a desktop experience?

  • Does your mobile career site make it easy for candidates to figure out what’s in it for them, or does it turn off potential applicants? Where are candidates dropping off in your mobile apply process?

  • What content are you sharing on social media? Are you just posting jobs, or are you truly engaging with candidates and providing enough insights and information to convert them into applicants? What percentage of your applicants are coming through social media?

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Katrina Kibben is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Three Ears Media. For most of Katrina’s career, she has been a marketer living in a recruiter’s world – listening to both sides of the talent equation to understand the real issues and find solutions for engaging and hiring better people. Today, she uses her technical marketing know-how and way with words to help both established and emerging brands develop and deliver content that fuels smart recruitment marketing that makes the right people apply.

Katrina has written for,, RecruitingDaily and many other digital publications. She is a recognized leader in recruiting and employer branding who speaks regularly at conferences around the world.

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