The Scariest Job Posting of 2020

Did you have a favorite Halloween costume as a kid? I did. I bought a witch costume once when I was eight and recycled that thing at least 100 times. 

Most of you probably have cooler stories about how your parents made a pop culture costume that you wore for four years in a row, but my mom was not crafty or creative. The woman was a military accountant. I was lucky she let me buy a costume at all. 

Honestly, I was not too fond of Halloween. I didn’t have friends to go trick-or-treating with because I was new to the area. I didn’t know the neighborhoods or what houses had the best candy. 

The worst part for an introverted kid? Knocking on a stranger’s door and asking them for something I could buy at a store. When I made that realization, that was the end of trick-or-treating for good. I bought my candy. 

That became my own Halloween tradition. I would buy a bag of candy I liked, and my mom would buy candy neither of us enjoyed. I would sit on the porch to give out candy and do my homework while eating my sweets. I enjoyed that tradition a lot more than stranger danger and shouting on doorsteps.

Scariest Job Posting: Secret Shopper Edition 

We have our own Halloween tradition here at Three Ears Media. Every year we share the scariest job postings we’ve seen all year.¬†Here’s the 2019 edition, in case you missed it.

There’s no shortage of them, that’s for sure. Every week I am sent a lousy job posting at least twice. 

While I’m thankful for the material, we both know I don’t have to look hard to find an ineffective job posting. It’s a running joke on my team that you can search for any word and find a job posting that doesn’t meet expectations. 

I mean any word. Tree. Elephant. Honey. 

So this year, we’re going to switch up our tradition. Instead of posting scary jobs, I want to test my theory: can I search for any word and find a bad job posting? 

To test this hypothesis, I only used words that can also be kid costumes or Halloween decorations. Can I find a bad job posting by searching “pumpkin” or “skeleton” on a job board?

Watch and find out.

Oh, and make sure to get a piece (bag, it is 2020) of your favorite candy to snack on while you watch. (My favorite? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or peanut M&M’s. Fact: if you see me at a conference, I very likely have a bag of M&M’s with me, and I will share if/when Rona is not an issue. )