The Best LinkedIn Profile Examples: Podcast Edition

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by a career coach. They were asking me how I come up with people’s LinkedIn profile rewrites so quickly. “What’s the magic with the best LinkedIn profile examples?”

Full transparency, I think I was feeling pretty tired by this point because I answered half sarcastically. “Just listen.”

That’s the thing about these LinkedIn profiles. There’s no formula, and I don’t follow rigor for every single one. The magic of a LinkedIn profile is the story of the person. It’s talking about the stuff that makes their eyes light up and their body language transform.

That’s where we find our stories. That’s what makes a LinkedIn profile special. It’s the fact that you get a glimpse into who they are, not anything that I do.

The whole point is to make it sound like them, not me. That’s a lot harder than you think. It requires listening to the exact words, not just the meaning and always looking for trends.

Twisting The Narrative: A Podcast Profile Rewrite

Then I meet people who fall entirely outside the bubble. Stories and talents so unique that I need to think entirely outside of every about us and find new ways to approach it.

Keith was recommended to me by a friend who had me rewrite her profile to showcase her talents for a big promotion. Note: she earned all of you a discount on a rewrite, keep reading! He is a freelance podcast producer and voice-over artist that’s looking to go back in-house. As I got to know his story, I realized there was no other way to showcase who he is without creating a podcast.

How is a voice artist supposed to create an impression? We had to use his voice. During our session, we talked about all the ways to optimize his profile for traffic. Then we outlined a podcast.

Find Keith on LinkedIn

I have to tell you. It’s so much better than what I expected. That’s why I wrote an entire blog about it. I want everyone to see just how unique your LinkedIn profile can and should be.

Keith stands out for all the right reasons – he showcases his personality, his talent, and the same skill he’s being hired for in less than three minutes. Plus, you have to assume that someone looking for a podcast producer likes listening to podcasts. Give them something to listen to!

Want To Be One Of The Best LinkedIn Profile Examples? I Can Help

If you’re looking for a podcast producer, I hope you call Keith. I can’t imagine he’ll be on the market very long with the talent like this.

If you’re looking for a better LinkedIn profile, I hope you’ll call me.

Because this was an introduction from a friend, I want to let you in on the friend discount. Use code FRIENDS before the end of the week to take 15% off. Enter the code and purchase your rewrite here.


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