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It would be next to impossible for me to explain how writing LinkedIn profiles has transformed my business, how it changed my heart. Thinking back to all the incredible people I’ve met, I don’t know how to explain the ways they snuck into my life and changed how I feel about everything. 

I think of the lab manager who told me about her journey to homelessness. A journey any of us could go down, honestly. I think about the person who worked for the UN and the refugee camps they spent years working in. Skills that seemed impossible to translate into something corporate America could understand. I think of the recruiters, HR leaders, superhero parents, and a million more faces blur by. 

The people who come to me don’t follow any set profile or buyer persona by any means. They surprise me all the time. I couldn’t possibly capture all of their experiences and passions in a few paragraphs. If you want to hear me try, give me a few beers and some appetizers. 

But they all do have something in common: they come to me to confess. A confession that things aren’t quite right at work, and they want something more. These people know in their souls that their passion is starting to dry out. They are craving more. For so long, it was a whisper they could ignore. But now? They will do whatever it takes to change their lives. 

I don’t take that lightly. I know how it feels. That little voice that says I need more, I want more and no more. 

Well, now what? 

Career Crash: New LinkedIn + Resume Review Session 

That career rock-bottom is real and often what guides us to the confession. So whether you’re religious or not, I think you understand what it means to put your hands out and say I don’t know what to do next – whether it’s in your career, in a particularly challenging part of your life, or anywhere else. 

That’s where people often are when they come to my desk for a LinkedIn rewrite: done. They have chosen responsibility over their dreams 100 times and this 101st time, it’s too much. During these sessions, we spend the first half just talking about life, and I get to be the mirror. I get to be the person who shows them the beautiful parts of their story and serve as a guide toward their dreams. 

That’s the cool part about meeting so many people in the first place. I know a lot about the destinations of dreams and I know how skills add up to different career paths, even the nontraditional ones. Bonus: I’ve even written a job post for most of these dream jobs.

However, I know there are multiple pieces to making that dream possible, not just your LinkedIn. LinkedIn is great for getting specific jobs, but we all need resumes too. That’s probably why people ask me at least once a week if I’ll look at their resume. 

Let me be very clear. I am *not* EVER going to write your resume for you. I know people who will. But here’s what I can do.

We can sit down for an hour and talk about your passion. We can talk about your purpose and your dreams. Then we can look at your profile and your résumé to see if it’s telling the story you need to tell so that you can create a path toward your dream. I’ll let you know exactly what I would do if it were my dream and my career. You just have to follow through on getting the work done. It’s really that easy. 

Often we don’t remember that recruiters haven’t had every job. I’ll be a translator between you and the recruiter to make sure they understand how your skills align with the job. Ask me anything about your résumé or LinkedIn to help you get your next dream. 

Buy a session here.

Feel-Good Bonus: If you buy a session this week, you’re paying it forward. I’ll be donating the money you spend this week.

I’m currently fundraising to help Pride and Joy Foundation, an organization that provides services that reduce the rate of suicide and homelessness for LGBTQ+ families, offer 6 career workshops to rural LGBTQ+ colleges.

Even if you don’t need a resume review, I hope you’ll still consider donating to this cause.  Anything you can give would mean a lot. You can make a donation here: Pride and Joy Foundation

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