Social Media Manager Job Posting Sample

Update: We hired a great social media manager with this job posting. Now it’s your turn! Feel free to use this for a social media role at your organization or tweak it for a similar position. If you use it, please share your results. We’d love to know how it goes!


I am hiring a contract social media manager. So, this is both an “I’m hiring announcement” and a social media manager job posting sample you can use. You’re welcome. 

But you have to understand, all of this is weird for me. Why? Well, I was a social media manager. That was my entry point into marketing, recruiting, and eventually consulting. My first side hustle was writing social media posts for executives at a recruiting agency you have definitely heard of. 

Now here I am trying to hire someone to do social media for me. 

I’d like to believe the right person for this job has read this blog before. 

Bonus: if you’re a small business owner looking for a social media manager, you can use this job post as a baseline to start writing your own social media manager job posting. 

Social Media Manager Job Posting Sample

As a contract Social Media Manager for Three Ears Media, you’ll spend 10 to 15 hours each week helping our CEO increase followers across social media channels. We don’t just want new followers, however. We want to build an audience of people who care about making hiring better. This audience will be critical to helping us book more speaking engagements, increase sales of online courses and team workshops, and to build excitement before the launch of a book.

Every day, you will strategically repurpose content created on our blog (2 posts per week) across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. You will create graphics, interact with the audience, and schedule tweets to make sure the posts don’t go missed. You will also create the strategy that helps increase reach across each channel with shareable artifacts. 

To thrive in this role, you should have experience managing a social media audience of 10k or more on LinkedIn, creating a weekly/monthly/annual posting schedule, and the creativity to take 1 blog and turn it into content for every channel. This job is one part strategy and one part creativity and you’ll need both to be successful. HR industry experience is not required but you should feel confident creating a strategy on LinkedIn.

If you love dogs, hiking, and believe that job seekers should be treated with courtesy and respect, that would help you enjoy this a lot more. 

Here’s how you’ll know you were successful in 6 months:

  • Increases in meaningful interaction and followers across all channels. 
  • More traffic to and year over year across social media.
  • Analyze and report on traffic to make decisions about strategy. What works? What should we do more of? You always know the answer. 
  • Blogs are getting long-tail traffic from your well-timed repurposing efforts. When you see that headline, you know how to reuse old content to get real-time content.
  • Testing new features on social media.

If you’re interested in this role, please fill out the below Google form before December 31. We’ll review all the applications and get back to you no later than January 10. The next step will be a 30-minute interview with our team to talk about your experience managing social media. We hope to have you onboard by January 31st.

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