Five Years Of Three Ears Media

I was the only person who never thought I could start a company. Actually, my Mom had doubts. I was staying at her house taking care of her after a series of surgeries when everything happened. The “last straw” moment, so to speak. 

Months of verbal abuse and nitpicking at work had culminated in this conversation. I sobbed after I hung up from another harsh feedback call with my manager. After I dried my tears, rage set in. I stormed into the living room where my mother was recovering from surgery and I shouted, “I’m starting a company.” 

Her response? “No, you’re not.” 

I mean, it was a good job. I made great money, traveled, and worked for some of the biggest brands in the world. I had it all, on paper at least. But it was not good for me. It was lacking what I needed most to be creative: common decency and respect.  

While my Mom introduced doubts, I rejected each one. This was more than a breaking point. This was a turning point. Thankfully, the next person I talked to – my ex-wife – was a lot more supportive. “Of course you should quit,” she said. 

A few days later, I gave notice and spent every second of the next two weeks working on this business. I picked the name Three Ears Media, designed a website, and created social media posts to let the world know I was taking a leap. It was not well-planned and I had no idea what I would do, but damnit, I couldn’t take it any more. Not one more bad boss. Not one more job holding me hostage for a paycheck. 

Over the last five years there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of moments where I had no idea what to do. Any entrepreneur that tells you they do is a liar. This business is still standing today not because I knew all the answers but because of the people who held me up when I wasn’t sure. People who had faith I could run a business where I held fear. People who reminded me that business and life are not just a series of wins and losses. It’s the living that matters most. 

Their love for this company and me are what make it possible to be writing you this letter today about the five year anniversary of this company. Three Ears Media has allowed me to live my dreams. To live a life I never imagined and could have never designed. No matter how it all turns out, I will be forever grateful for this space that made it possible for me to challenge every rule about work I made just to survive. A business that made space for me to love my life. To allow my people to love and show up for me, too.

If I had a candle to make one wish, it would be that everyone has something that sparks this feeling in their life. The feeling of falling and flying at the same time. The confidence to know that you can survive anything. I would wish that you will be surrounded by people that love you and don’t have any doubt you can do anything – even start a company.

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Kat Kibben [they/them] is a keynote speaker, writing expert, and LGBTQIA+ advocate who teaches hiring teams how to write inclusive job postings that will get the right person to apply faster.

Before founding Three Ears Media, Katrina was a CMO, Technical Copywriter, and Managing Editor for leading companies like Monster,, and Randstad Worldwide. With 15+ years of recruitment marketing and training experience, Katrina knows how to turn talented recruiting teams into talented writers who write for people, not about work.

Today, Katrina is frequently featured as an HR and recruiting expert in publications like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Forbes. They’ve been named to numerous lists, including LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Job Search & Careers. When not speaking, writing, or training, you’ll find Katrina traveling the country in their van or spending some much needed downtime with the dogs that inspired the name Three Ears Media.

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  1. Of course you did and of course it is!! Congratulations and may the next, and the next and the next five years after that continue to bring you the joy and meaning that you so deserve.

  2. Congrats, Kat! Few people ever even enter down this entrepreneurial road; fewer still last this long. And vanishingly, exceedingly, impossibly few ever, ever, have the kind of impact that you already have. You should feel quite proud of what you’ve done already.

    And we all know you’re just getting started – the best is yet to come!

  3. lol. Never a doubt. We can never be anything but fearless in the face of life’s uncertain twists and turns. It is all an adventure to those whose only guide is to keep learning and doing good..

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