19 Recruitment And HR Experts To Follow On LinkedIn

I end up on a lot of “People To Follow In HR and Recruiting” lists. While I’m happy to be mentioned, I always wonder – why me? Why not the litany of other brilliant people in this space? Posting my bio with no context doesn’t really explain my content or what you might be interested in. In fact, with a bit of analysis it’s pretty easy to see that most of these “experts to follow” lists aren’t curated in any way. They are carbon copies of lists that other HR tech vendors copied and pasted.

I know why they do it. They want clicks, views, and whatever other vanity metric makes their executives happy. But the person on the other side who’s trying to find new people to learn from probably isn’t getting what they need: help.

That’s a problem in an industry with no specific education pipeline. There’s not one degree or thing you can do to learn how to be great at recruiting or HR. Instead, we rely on smart people to share what they’re working on. To offer us ideas and guide us. It’s probably why you’re here reading this blog in the first place.

So knowing there’s value in an actual recommendation, I’m making a list of my own. These are people I learn a lot from – about being in the trenches, the trends, and everything else. These are the ones I go out of my way to follow and subscribe to.  When they’re writing, I’m reading. You should be, too.

I’m sure I forgot some folks so feel free to add them in the comments.

Experts To Follow On LinkedIn

Click on their name to follow and connect with each of these wonderful people on LinkedIn.

In no particular order…

  1. Sarah Morgan. Sarah makes me laugh, think, and read. She is always sharing articles that put words to challenging topics. You should attend her HROI summit 10/25 – 10/27 2023. Follow Sarah to learn more about DEI and HR.
  2. Franny Oxford. Franny and I have been friends for a long time and recently I found out she has an anthropology background. Suddenly, it all made sense. She’s the person that asks the question no one else in the room is asking and that makes her one of my favorite humans. Follow Franny to learn more about HR and find LGBT+ professionals to follow.
  3. Kate Bischoff. You’re guaranteed to laugh and learn something any time Kate opens her mouth. In her work as a lawyer interpreting HR for the rest of us, Kate regularly makes me say, “wait, I had no idea.” Follow Kate to learn all things EEOC and HR law.
  4. Jen Davis. Jen has taught me a lot about how to talk to candidates and be just that much more human with them. She is constantly sharing advice that’s real and actually helped highly technical talent make better job choices. Follow Jen to learn about tech recruiting with the heart.
  5. Jackye Clayton. Jackye and I have been friends for a long time. Not only does she tell it like it is, but she has a way of saying it so everyone hears it and never forgets. I have seen her change a lot of people’s minds at once and considering she works in DEI? That’s not easy. Follow Jackye to learn more about DEI and leadership.
  6. Tara Turk-Haynes. I’m a super fan of Tara. She is a playwright and DEI leader. If anyone can imagine a whole new world of work, it’s Tara. Follow Tara to learn more about DEI and articles of people doing great work.
  7. Robin Schooling. I don’t know many people who go so far out of their way to invite others in and elevate them. She also knows HR forward and backward. Follow Robin to learn more about HR.
  8. James Ellis. This guy is always creating content. If you’re just getting started in the world of employer brand, you need access to this library. Follow James to learn all things employer brand.
  9. Rhona Barnett-Pierce. Rhona has a way of explaining things that makes complicated projects feel really simple. Follow Rhona and you’ll get a little job search advice, a little insight into what it’s like to be a recruiter, and a smile.
  10. Madison Butler. Madi makes me think. She shines a light on hard topics and doesn’t shy away when challenged. It’s not easy to push back in a world of keyboard warriors and she does. Follow Madi to learn about DEI, HR, and how to shut up a keyboard warrior.
  11. Keirsten Greggs. When I see Keirsten on the speaking agenda, I’m going. Also, her Business Mullet posts make me laugh. Follow Keirsten to learn more about recruiting.
  12. Hung Lee. The weekly Brainfood newsletter is a can’t miss. Follow Hung for that letter every week.
  13. Heather Bussing. Heather has an eye for everything that’s beautiful in this world. She’s also a lawyer. Her unique perspective and background add up to some really interesting content on the future of work. Follow Heather to learn a little bit of AI, law, and humanity.
  14. Maisha Cannon. I could pass on most articles about sourcing, but not Maisha’s. I learn something every single time her name comes into my newsfeed. The best part is that she goes really deep on a few topics and always shares the research. My favorite kind of professors! Follow Maisha for all things sourcing.
  15. Adam Karpiak. Adam shares content that will make you laugh at yourself, the job search process, and learn how to do better next time. Follow Adam for all things job search.
  16. Emily Mucken. Emily has this way of making you laugh at recruiting while you’re realizing you can do better. Then, she’ll teach you how. She’s honest, kind, and definitely worth following. Follow Emily to learn about tech recruiting.
  17. Amy Miller. Amy is willing to challenge the status quo and say the damn thing. I’ve known her for 10 years or something now and that hasn’t changed since day 1. You’ll learn and laugh after you follow Amy. Follow Amy to learn about tech recruiting and calling bullshit.
  18. Lauren Davis. Lauren has taught me a lot about being a speaker and being memorable. If you’re interested in improving as a speaker, give Lauren a call. Bonus: she’s also my girlfriend and one of my favorite humans in the whole world. Follow Lauren if you want to be a better speaker.
  19. Mary Kay Baldino. I’ve been lucky enough to know Mary Kay for many years and every time we talk, I leave thinking differently about recruiting. Truly. Follow Mary Kay to learn about leading recruiting teams ethically.

OK, I know I could find a hundred more people, but I’m taking a pause or else I’ll be here all day. Add your favorite people to follow as a comment for others to find. I’m always looking for new folks to follow, too!

And don’t forget to add me to your list. Kidding! Kinda.Still feels good to be included and all.


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