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Content Popularity With Topsy

I was thinking I should start to blog about things I like and other topics I can write, edit and post. When I write too much, I find myself going on tangents and then no good writing happens. This week, I was doing a competitive analysis and found Topsy. Why do I like it? In…

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New Year, Same Me

Laurie Ruettimann is my blogging idol. The point of telling you? I’m following her lead. For my end of year posts, I’m talking about accomplishments, failure, regrets, and resolutions. I can’t promise I’ll stick to posting daily as I’m taking a flight at the crack of dawn to North Carolina tomorrow for a big spoonful…

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Inspiring Writing

Inspire your brand evangelists to write about your product by giving a prompt. Ask the question that will inspire varying opinions and one you know your audience is passionate about.With the prompt, ask them to blog about it and post the links to their blogs in the comment section. Then, offer to cross promote them…

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