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How To: Promote Twitter 101

How do you promote Twitter to people who aren’t using Twiiter? Hm. Well, my first thought – not on Twitter.  Here’s the question I got (with slight revisions): Hey Katrina, Thanks so much for your time. So,  I am helping a company run their live Tweet from a conference. We are going to hold 3…

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Twitter Dictionary

If you work in social media, I’m sure you’ve gotten the question: “I signed up for that Twitter thing. Can I get a 101 or a Twitter dictionary?” I tried to search for one and didn’t find anything that broke down the Twitter language and defined its value proposition. So, here’s my best attempt. Twitter…

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Laying Down The Law: RT Rules

Yes, I said it. Rules. Now, this is probably common sense but just in case: Shorten the content of the text before you delete the twitter name of the person who RT’d.  It’s important to give credit where credit is due. Write for the RT.  Make sure there are at least 15-25 characters unused of…

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