How To Use A Hashtag

The purpose of a hashtag is to segment the firehouse of information that comes from a live Twitter feed when you follow more than 10 people. For example, hashtags can help people find career information when the title of the article doesn’t have the keyword “career” in it. Somehow, as Twitter has grown the purpose…

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oof. I’m MIA.

I really need to blog. I know I need to blog. So here’s my blogger away message: I’m away right now doing a lot of things. Innovating or something. Blogging is not one of those things. That is all. I’ll be back soon.

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We the people.. are talking — Congress and Social Media

“The survey, published Jan. 26 from the Congressional Management Foundation, found that of  138 senior legislative office managers and communication staffers, 20 percent said Facebook is a “very important” tool for communicating a member’s views. But only 8 percent said it is very important for understanding constituents’ views. The divide between broadcast and feedback is…

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