oof. I’m MIA.

I really need to blog. I know I need to blog. So here’s my blogger away message: I’m away right now doing a lot of things. Innovating or something. Blogging is not one of those things. That is all. I’ll be back soon.

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We the people.. are talking — Congress and Social Media

“The survey, published Jan. 26 from the Congressional Management Foundation, found that of  138 senior legislative office managers and communication staffers, 20 percent said Facebook is a “very important” tool for communicating a member’s views. But only 8 percent said it is very important for understanding constituents’ views. The divide between broadcast and feedback is…

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What Makes A Great Tweetup?

Throwing a great tweetup isn’t as easy as throwing a great party (where free alcohol= good time). Ok, maybe it is. Regardless of the alcohol availability, here are a few ideas to throw a great tweetup. Partnering with a conference to get on the official schedule Hosting at a bar — offer 2 free drink…

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