Poe’s Kitchen: The Social Dining Experience

Walking the streets of Boston, you’ll notice plenty of store fronts have the signs – “Follow us on Twitter” or “Like us on Facebook” – but what do they mean for the business? Is anyone listening? Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake is. They’re using what you’re Tweeting and posting on Facebook to give guests an enhanced dining experience.

I got to witness this first hand on Tuesday when I joined friends (who ironically – and appropriately – I met via a social media presentation at Boston University) at Poe’s Kitchen for dinner. We stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter so upon our arrival, we did our obligatory Tweets and FourSquare check-ins.  We were there for a $15 taco and beer pairing (a special they’re running until the end of the month) and Natalie tweeted that she didn’t enjoy the short rib taco. Now, at the average restaurant this tweet would have been lost in the twittersphere but not at Poe’s Kitchen. Within minutes of Natalie’s tweet, Head Chef Brian Poe visited our table to ask for feedback on our meals and deliver two incredible complimentary desserts.

This interaction wasn’t unique to us.  Brian has augmented his recipes, changed the color of his menus  and more based on social media feedback. The best part? (OK, the best part with the exception of free dessert.)  He promised that if we DM’d him before we came in again, he’d cook up some new items that weren’t on the menu yet.

I loved meeting Brian and this interaction reminded me of exactly why business’ should use social media and not just put a logo on the door. Following the example of Poe’s Kitchen’s fantastic Head Chef, these companies need to use social interaction to build relationships and enhance the customer experience. These exchanges aren’t limited to restaurants or retail strategies either. Companies of any type can use real-time feedback as long as they do just that, USE IT. They should avoid using social media if they aren’t prepared to implement on the greater strategy and capitalize on the opportunity to create a feedback channel between their product and marketing.

The most important moral of the story? Go to Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake next time you’re in Boston for the tacos and the pecan tart. You won’t be disappointed. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Note: Katrina will write for free dessert although this post was not sponsored by a pecan tart.

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  1. I kind of feel honored to have been mentioned in this story…. we should all go out for tacos again soon and tweet!

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