My Best Recruiting eMail Template

I get this question a lot.¬†“Tell me the secret,” they say.

As if trying to get someone’s attention with a recruiting email template is about magic. It’s not, by the way.

Template isn’t a bad word.

As long as it’s just a framework, not a copy and paste.

Because bottom line? There is a formula to creating a better recruiting eMail. It’s not secret sauce, either. It’s trial and error. Refining the story. Getting people’s attention.

So, I thought I’d share my formula for getting a response in my new Recruitment Marketing Library video series, all about getting back to the basics that work.

That felt really marketing-y but trust me on this one. Proof? It starts with outtakes.

We cover…

  1. 3 subject lines that work
  2. How to structure to body to get responses
  3. The things you should NEVER do
  4. And more…